Fort Leonard Wood Area Attractions

Enjoy your stay in Pulaski County, home of Fort Leonard Wood!

Whether here for training, a military graduation, a conference, or fun and relaxation, there’s a wide variety of activities to entertain the entire family.

We’ve included several useful links to attractions and resources below, or you can visit the Pulaski County Tourism Bureau website at

Tiger Typhoon in St. Robert, MO!
Lazy Day Outfitters in St. Robert, MO! Call them for all your floating needs!
city of waynesville, missouri spray park
Route 66 is a great way to explore the Show-Me State and to see some truly unique sites. #Missouri
Photo from army museum at Fort Leonard Wood ,MO
During WWII Walt Disney helped to design a Mickey Mouse gas mask to protect children against chemical warfare. The mask pictured here is housed in The United States Army Chemical Corps Museum, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.
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